Texas Council on Consumer Direction

Background and Purpose

The purpose of the Council is to advise HHSC on the development, implementation, expansion, and delivery of services through consumer direction, in all programs offering long-term services and supports that enhance a consumer's ability to have freedom and exercise control and authority over the consumer's choices, regardless of age or disability.

Consumer Directed Services (CDS) has more information about the CDS option.

The adopted rules that outline the Council's statute authority, purpose, tasks, reporting requirements and membership are located at the Texas Register.


Karen Daly, Chair
Georgetown, TX

Helen Baker, Vice Chair
Financial Management Services Agency (FMSA) Representative
San Antonio, TX

Ellen Bauman
Advocate for persons with disabilities
Joshua, TX

David Blackberby
San Antonio, TX

Len Davis
FMSA Representative
Aubrey, TX

Darla Hill
Personal Care Attendant
Arlington, TX

Amy Litzinger
Austin, TX

Tolu Opeloye
Cypress, TX

Ashyley Pfannenstiel
Abilene, TX

Carol Sloan
Advocate for people with disabilities
The Woodlands, TX

Stephanie Wagers
STAR Kids Managed Care Organization
Community First Health Plans

Chad Wooten
Mt. Vermon, TX

Agency Representatives

Demetria Alexander
Representative - Managed Care Organizations
Health and Human Services Commission

Lauren Chenoweth
Texas Workforce Commission
State Employment Services for Individuals with Disabilities

Jacqueline Clark
Representative - Consumer Directed Services
Health and Human Services Commission

Shawn Cuffee
Texas Workforce Commission
State Unemployment for individuals with Disabilities

Angela Medina
Department of Family and Protective Services
Adult Protection Services

Eileen Murphy
Health and Human Services Commission
Consumer Directed Services

Dena Stoner
Health and Human Services Commission
Mental Health

Meeting Dates

Full Council Meetings

  • March 21, 2024
  • June 6, 2024
  • September 19, 2024
  • December 5, 2024


2023 TCCD Annual Report (PDF)

More Information

Please contact Michelle Thomas, Advisory Committee Coordinator.