Person-Centered Practices Training for Providers

What Training Is Available?

The Online Introductory Course is appropriate for any member of the planning team, including:

  • Legally authorized representatives
  • Family members
  • Friends
  • *Nurses
  • *Behavior specialists
  • *Employment specialists
  • *Attendants
  • *Direct support professionals
  • Anyone asked to be a member of the planning team

*Required in some instances

Note: To access and complete this free, self-paced, online training, go to the HHS Learning Portal, create a user login, and follow instructions to complete the training.

Person-Centered Thinking Classroom Course

HHS offers an online instructor-led training for HHS staff and contractors. If you prefer a two-day classroom course, or if your contract requires it, contact the Office of Disability Services Coordination for more information and availability.

Note: This training fulfills the refresher course required for managed care organization staff in the Uniform Managed Care Contract Section

Recommended Person-Centered Training for HHS Staff

Provider or EntityAppropriate Training
DSHS Case Workers and other State EmployeesIntroductory Online Training
Managed Care Service Coordinators and ManagersFull PCT Instructor Led Training
Class Case ManagersFull PCT Instructor Led Training
Class ProvidersIntroductory Online Training
DBMD Case ManagersFull PCT Instructor Led Training
DBMD ProvidersIntroductory Online Training
LIDDA Services and Habilitation CoordinatorsFull Instructor Led Training
Certified HCS ProvidersIntroductory Online Training
Certified TxHmL ProvidersIntroductory Online Training
HCSSAsIntroductory Online Training accessible at Texas System of Care
1915(i) Adult Mental Health Recovery ManagersVia Hope Recovery Planning
FMSAsNone but is strongly encouraged

Minimum Requirements for PCP Training

HHS trainings align with person-centered guidelines for modes of care for people receiving services through Medicaid waiver programs. These have been developed in conjunction with The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices. HHS is committed to working with our partners to ensure they meet these standards. 

To submit training for consideration to be approved by HHS, send the completed training to the Office of Disability Services Coordination.