Executive Teams and Organizational Charts

Office of the Executive Commissioner

Office of the Chief Operating Officer

The COO oversees the planning and delivery of administrative support services to HHS system staff and the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS). This office oversees Information Technology; Civil Rights; Contract Management Support; Emergency and Risk Management; Facilities Support; Human Resources; and Procurement and Contracting Services.

  • Chief Operating Officer, Maurice McCreary Jr.
  • Deputy Executive Commissioner, Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, Vacant
  • Deputy Executive Commissioner, System Support Services, Rolland Niles
  • Deputy Executive Commissioner, Procurement and Contracting Services, Kay Molina

Office of the Chief Financial Officer

The CFO is responsible for the overall financial management of HHSC. This office oversees Accounting; Actuarial Analysis; Budget Management; Forecasting; Fiscal Program Coordination and Special Projects; Payroll and Time, Labor and Leave; and Provider Finance.

Office of the Chief Counsel

The OCC provides legal support services to HHS system partners. This office oversees Legal Services; Appeals; Privacy; and Ethics.

Office of the Chief Program and Services Officer

The CPSO oversees public assistance programs, disability determination, and community-based programs and services accessed by millions of Texans; administers programs that serve as a safety net for Texans, providing health care, nutrition and support services; provides a unified and coordinated approach to the delivery of appropriate and cost-effective intellectual or developmental disability and behavioral health services; and oversees the financial and business operations of state hospitals and state supported living centers across Texas. This office oversees Access and Eligibility Services; Family Health Services; Community Services; Behavioral Health Services; and the Health and Specialty Care System.

  • Chief Program & Services Officer, Michelle Alletto
  • Deputy Chief Program & Services Officer, Vacant
  • Deputy Executive Commissioner, Access and Eligibility Services, Molly Regan
  • Deputy Executive Commissioner, Family Health Services, Rob Ries
  • Deputy Executive Commissioner, Community Services, Haley Turner
  • Deputy Executive Commissioner, Behavioral Health Services, Trina Ita
  • Deputy Executive Commissioner, Health and Specialty Care System, Scott Schalchlin

Office of the Chief Medicaid and CHIP Services Officer

MCS oversees health care programs and long-term services that serve over 5 million low-income children and their families, pregnant women, former foster care youth, people with disabilities and older adults.

Office of the Chief Policy and Regulatory Officer

The CPRO serves as a hub for process improvement throughout the HHS system; protects the health and safety of consumers of long-term care, child care, acute health care facilities and behavioral health services; enhances HHS’ capacity for data-driven decision-making; and partners with and advises program areas to ensure a coordinated systemwide approach to policy development, implementation and evaluation. This office oversees Policy and Rules, Transformation and Innovation, Data, Analytics and Performance, Regulatory Services, Compliance and Quality Control.

  • Chief Policy and Regulatory Officer, Jordan Dixon
  • Deputy Executive Commissioner, Policy and Rules, Libby Camp Elliott
  • Deputy Executive Commissioner, Office of Transformation and Innovation, Misti Hair
  • Deputy Executive Commissioner, Office of Data, Analytics and Performance, Calvin Green
  • Deputy Executive Commissioner, Regulatory Services, Stephen Pahl
  • Deputy Executive Commissioner Compliance and Quality Control, Chad Riley

Office of the Chief Public Affairs Officer

The CPAO oversees internal and external communications; public complaint resolution; government and stakeholder relations; and advises the Executive Commissioner and executive leadership team. This office oversees Communications, Government and Stakeholder Relations, and the Office of the Ombudsman.

Chief Audit Executive

Chief Audit Executive, Nicole Guerrero

Department of State Health Services

Commissioner, Department of State Health Services, Dr. Jennifer Shuford

Organizational Charts

Health and Human Services System Organizational Chart (PDF)

Health and Human Services Commission Functional Organizational Chart (PDF)