HHS Printing Services

High-quality printing and timely service are critical to efficient state government. HHS Printing Services sets the standard for in-plant government print shops and offers high-quality printing services at the lowest possible cost.

HHS Printing Services offers state-of-the-art expertise in all phases of printing. Because customer service is our goal, your priorities are our priorities.

We understand the needs of state agencies and that you require products and services such as:

  • Educational materials to promote programs and inform the public.
  • Quick turnaround on reports required by legislative and other oversight bodies.
  • Handbooks and manuals to educate agency employees and other service providers.
  • Up-to-date forms in sufficient quantities to provide essential services.

Products Offered

We pride ourselves on efficiently and economically producing printed materials with the most exacting quality standards. We strive for excellence and versatility in producing a range of printed products, including:

  • Booklets
  • Posters
  • Reports
  • Brochures
  • Pocket folders
  • Manuals
  • Certificates
  • Forms
  • Newsletters
  • Magazines
  • Tabbed dividers
  • Programs
  • Business cards
  • Envelopes
  • Notepads

How to Place an Order

When you use HHS Printing Services, there is no need to go out for bids, which will save your project and agency valuable time. Our involvement begins with receiving your job and ends with facilitating the distribution of the finished product.

Our team can work from CDs and emailed files.

We also keep a history of your job on-site. This history will include order number and date, quantity, paper, ink and other pertinent information. If your job will be reprinted regularly, we can store your files on-site.

Place an order through the online Form D-8, HHS Printing Services Reproduction Work Request.


HHS Printing Services works on a cost-recovery basis, much like a commercial print shop. When your job is complete, we calculate costs and forward a cost report to your agency’s fiscal department.

We send a summary of charges for your agency to your fiscal department each month with a request for payment using an Interagency Transaction Voucher. Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date.

FAQs and Tips for Successful Printing

Tips for Successful Printing (PDF)

Contact Us


12300 Technology Blvd.   
Austin, TX 78727   
Fax: 512-996-9557


Allyson Touchet, Print Liaison   
Contact for: Price quotes, job status, scheduling and information   
Email: allyson.touchet@hhs.texas.gov   
Phone: 512-250-7121

Robert Hill, Program Specialist III   
Contact for: Price quotes, job status and information   
Email: robert.hill@hhs.texas.gov   
Phone: 512-250-7127

Jeff Blue, Operations Manager   
Contact for: Print shop information, specialty jobs   
Email: jeffrey.blue@hhs.texas.gov   
Phone: 512-250-7147

Tommy Willms, Production Supervisor   
Contact for: Production questions   
Email: tommy.willms@hhs.texas.gov      
Phone: 512-250-7132

Jennifer Rimes, Director   
Contact for: Price quotes, job status and information   
Email: Jennifer.rimes@hhs.texas.gov   
Phone: 512-250-7124