HHS has many handbooks, which outline the rules employees and contracted providers are held accountable for when providing services to eligible Texans. We provide these for all Texans to view as part of our effort to be transparent in service delivery.

Assistive Services Providers

Contracting and Procurement

  • The HHS Procurement and Contract Management Handbook (PDF) is the comprehensive handbook of all purchasing and contract management policies and procedures that must be followed by HHS agencies. It serves as a purchasing guide for HHS agencies and establishes requirements for interface between the Procurement and Contracting Services Division of and HHS agencies for purchases conducted by PCS on behalf of the agencies.

Fair Hearings and Fraud

  • Fair and Fraud Hearings Handbook includes policies, procedures, and responsibilities for handling client and contract appeals, detecting and handling potential fraud cases, and protecting the civil rights of clients.
  • The Security and Accountability Handbook contains procedures for safeguarding program benefits from fraud, abuse, and misuse.

Guardianship Handbooks

  • The Guardianship Provider Handbook contains procedures relating to referrals, billing and payment, and contract monitoring for guardianship providers.

Long-term Care Community-based Programs

Long-term Care Facility-based Programs

Long-term Care Waiver Programs

Medical and Social Services Handbooks