County Jail Reporting

When a person who receives health care benefits is booked into a Texas county jail for more than 30 days, the jail staff can report the confined person’s name to Texas Health and Human Services. Once the confinement is reported to HHS, that person’s benefits are suspended or terminated until they are released.

Jails that report health care recipients when they are confined also must report that person's release within 48 hours. This allows HHS to reinstate their health care benefits.

This reporting helps to ensure that people who are released from confinement are able to resume their health care benefits and receive the health care coverage they need. If eligible upon release, HHS reinstates the health care coverage within two business days.

HHS provides access to a system that allows participating county sheriffs to identify if confined people are receiving health care benefits. County sheriffs can then electronically report their confinement and release.

People receiving Supplemental Security Income from the Social Security Administration automatically receive health care benefits without having to apply separately through the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. HHSC doesn't determine health care eligibility for children under the conservatorship of the Department of Family and Protective Services. HHSC cannot suspend or reinstate health care benefits for these people.

Upon the person's release, county jail staff must give them the Medicaid Information flyer (PDF in English) or Medicaid Information flyer (PDF in Spansih) that provides information about re-establishing benefits after being released from jail.

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To learn more about participation in County Jail Reporting, visit the How to Participate in County Jail Reporting page.

More information is also available in the archived webinar, County Jail Reporting (HB 337).

If you have questions, email AES County Jail Reporting.