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By awarding grants, Texas Health and Human Services makes it possible for program areas and contracted client service providers to pursue new projects and carry out program services and supports that are aligned with the agency’s mission and goals.

What is a Grant?

A grant is a financial award given by a federal, state or local government agency that is not expected to be repaid by the recipient. In contrast to the procurement of goods or services, grants are used to advance a public purpose through the creation or support of an activity. Grants are essentially strategic investments in our state and its future, no different than investing in new schools, roads, or other infrastructure.

Through careful design and planning, the proper solicitation of grant applications is key in transforming grants from a piece of financial assistance into a powerful tool that educates and drives public policy while improving outcomes for Texans. HHSC administers both state and federal grant programs and grantees are encouraged to review the requirements of each fund source before submitting an application. Most often there is an application process and most recipients must provide periodic performance and financial reports that reflect on their grant project's progress.

Common Types of Grants

There are three common grants:

  • Project grants are for a specific project or area of research. They are often given to members of the science, education and technology communities.
  • Formula grants are awarded based on factors that already exist such as population, poverty level, taxes or housing density. Where a community or potential recipient falls on these factors decides the amount of funds they can receive.
  • Block grants tend to be made up of smaller, categorical grants that are combined to make a larger grant. This larger grant is given to recipients to use as they see fit. Block grants are a type of formula grant and are often given to state or local governments for large-scale community projects and maintenance.

Grant Opportunities

HHS posts notifications of new Requests for Application on the HHS Request for Applications page through a Request for Applications (RFA) document. The RFA contains all the information an applicant may need to determine whether their organization is eligible to apply or able to implement a grant-funded project if selected. HHS uses a competitive process to evaluate projects that ensures a fair and equitable process for all applicants.