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Help with Benefits and the Your Texas Benefits Website

Visit Your Texas Benefits or use the Your Texas Benefits mobile app to manage your benefits. You can get help with the website or with your benefits by calling 2-1-1 or 877-541-7905 (select your language and then Option 2).

Lone Star Card

You can visit the Lone Star Card webpage, call the Help Desk at 800-777-7328 or email us if you have questions about your Lone Star Card, such as:

  • What do I do if I've been approved but haven't received the card yet?
  • I've lost my card. How can I get a replacement?

Questions about Provider Licensing, Credentialing and Regulation

If you have questions about provider licensing, credentialing and regulation, visit our website or contact:

Help with Downloading a Form

If you need help downloading a form, visit our troubleshooting page.

File a Complaint Against a Provider

Any person with knowledge of substandard care provided by any HHS-regulated health care facility may file a complaint.

Technical Issues with this Website

If you find pages or links that are not working on this site, email us. Please make sure to include the link of the page that you are having trouble with.