Social Services Providers

Refugee Program

If you are looking services for refugees, please call 2-1-1 or visit their website.


What is SNAP-Ed?

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed) is a federally funded evidence-based grant program that strengthens SNAP's public health impact by addressing consistent access, availability, and affordability of healthy foods and beverages. SNAP-Ed promotes well-being to improve nutrition and prevent or reduce diet-related chronic disease and obesity among individuals eligible for SNAP, racial/ethnic minorities, populations living under the federal poverty line, and rural and remote areas. The goal of SNAP-Ed is to improve the likelihood that eligible persons will make healthy food choices within a limited budget and choose physically active lifestyles. SNAP-Ed Implementing Agencies are contracted across the state to implement direct education, social marketing campaigns, policy, systems, and environmental change initiatives for eligible individuals which promote healthy lifestyles.


Civil rights training is required of all individuals involved in all levels of administration for programs that receive federal financial assistance, including full-time staff, part-time staff, consultants, interns and volunteers. The purpose of this training is to inform staff of civil rights related laws, regulations, procedures and directives. SNAP-Ed providers are required to complete a civil rights training annually. The following training was developed by Texas Health and Human Services Civil Rights Office to meet SNAP-Ed civil rights requirements. Contractors must maintain documentation of their annual completion of civil rights training. Click here to begin the training.