Aging Texas Well

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission’s Aging Texas Well initiative helps Texans prepare for all aspects of aging at the individual, community and state level. Established in 2005 by Executive Order R.P. 42, ATW identifies policy issues, guides state government readiness, and promotes increased community preparedness for Texas’ growing older adult population while also providing awareness, resources, expertise and opportunities to help all Texans age well.

Why Aging Texas Well?

As the number of older adults in Texas continues to grow communities will face greater challenges in responding to meet their needs. ATW is focused on ensuring that older Texans have a sense of well-being and feel prepared to proactively deal with life’s changes.

To evaluate the needs of Texas’ older adult population, ATW focuses on 16 areas that are critical to aging well. Knowledge of, and preparedness for, these issue areas can help older Texans maintain control of their lives and assist communities in promoting positive aging and provide resources on obstacles to aging well. These areas can also assist HHSC develop comprehensive strategies and foster innovative solutions for serving the generations of Texans to come. To learn more about how HHSC serves older adults, read Aging: By the Numbers (PDF).

ATW issue areas are:

  • Caregiving
  • Community support
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Financial
  • Health and long-term care
  • Housing
  • Legal
  • Mental health
  • Physical health
  • Protections
  • Recreation
  • Social engagement
  • Spirituality
  • Transportation
  • Volunteerism

Aging Texas Well Strategic Plan

The Aging Texas Well Strategic Plan — mandated by Executive Order RP 42 — is the state’s comprehensive, master plan on aging that identifies aging needs and priorities, guides state readiness and promotes increased community preparedness for an aging Texas. With guidance from the Aging Texas Well Advisory Committee, HHSC updates the plan every two years.

Policy Briefs

Aging Texas Well policy briefs are written by HHSC staff, Aging Texas Well Advisory Committee members, and guest contributors that can be used to develop a better understanding of what aging well means, as well as promote local infrastructure development to support aging well. Older adults and their loved ones are encouraged to use these issue briefs to gain insight into how they can age well, find out what services and resources are available, and where to go when they need support. Community leaders and stakeholders in aging are urged to use the briefs to champion their older residents, lead important policy discussions on aging-related topics and enlist other leaders to join with them in creating communities that champion aging well.

For questions, please email Aging Texas Well.