HHS Office of the Ombudsman

We Help Resolve All HHS Complaints

Do you have a question about your Health and Human Services (HHS) benefits?

If you are not satisfied after you have tried to speak directly to people involved in providing your services, or if you are not satisfied the information you received is correct, call the HHS Office of the Ombudsman.

Each year, thousands of people get help from us. Together, we will find a solution to your problem.

Access the HHS Ombudsman Annual Report here (PDF).

Medicaid Managed Care

Call 866-566-8989.

Complete our online form

Do you need help resolving a problem with your Medicaid services? We can help you:

  • Learn about your coverage
  • Access services
  • Refer you to the right place to get help
  • Resolve a problem

Visit our managed care page.

Behavioral Health Services

Call 800-252-8154.

If you have a question or concern about mental health services or substance use disorders, learn about your rights. An ombudsman can:

  • Answer questions
  • Help you file a complaint
  • Tell you about your rights

Visit our behavioral health page.

Long-term Care

Call 800-252-2412.

Long-term care ombudsmen help nursing home and assisted living residents by:

  • Listening to concerns or issues
  • Solving problems
  • Telling residents about their rights
  • Protecting resident health, safety, welfare and rights

Visit the Long-term Care Ombudsman website.

Foster Care

Call 844-286-0769.

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Are you under the age 17 and in foster care? We can:

  • Help you find a way to solve your problems
  • Help you understand your rights
  • Answer questions
  • Help you with the resources to be successful when you leave foster care

Visit our foster care page.

Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities

Call 800-252-8154.

If you have questions or concerns about services for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD), the IDD Ombudsman can help. You can get help, learn about your rights, or resolve a complaint whether the person receives services from:

  • Home and Community-based Services (HCS)
  • Texas Home Living (TxHmL) programs
  • local IDD authority (LIDDA)

Visit our IDD Ombudsman page.

Health, Developmental and Independence Services

Call 877-787-8999, select a language and then select Option 3.

We can help you if you or a family member needs one of the following:

  • Autism Services
  • Blind Children's Services
  • Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services
  • Early Childhood Intervention
  • Family Violence Program
  • Independent Living Services

State supported living centers

Call 877-323-6466.

Do you have concerns about someone living in a state supported living center (SSLC)? The onsite ombudsman:

  • Conducts independent reviews of complaints
  • Ensures residents are treated fairly, respectfully and with dignity
  • Refers complaints of abuse, neglect or exploitation
  • Help resolve residents' problem

Visit the Independent Ombudsman website.

Report suspected abuse of an older person or a Person with Disabilities

Call 800-458-9858.

If you suspect an older person or a person with a disability is being abused, Complaint and Incident Intake can help. You can report abuse whether the person receives services from HHS in their home or if they live in:

  • Nursing homes
  • Assisted living centers
  • Intermediate care facilities
  • Home Health and Hospice
  • Day Activity and Health Services

Visit the Complaint and Incident Intake website.

Department of Family and Protective Services programs

Call 800-720-7777.

Complete an online form

Do you have a complaint about the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services? The Office of Consumer Relations:

  • Handles complaints about specific cases of child and adult abuse
  • Answers questions about the case process or cases in general

Visit the Office of Consumer Relations website.

Contact Us

Have a problem with one of our programs or services?

  1. Contact your provider or caseworker to see if they can explain their decision or correct the problem.
  2. If you still can't get it resolved, call 877-787-8999 or complete our online form.
  3. You can also send a fax to 888-780-8099 or write to:
    HHS Office of the Ombudsman
    P.O. Box 13247
    Austin, Texas 78711-3247