Texas Resilience and Recovery

Behavioral Health Services' vision statement is, "Hope, resilience and recovery for everyone." This vision aligns with the national movement to include resilience and recovery-oriented services, supports, practices and beliefs in publicly funded mental health service delivery.

We know that adults, children and youth affected by mental illness and severe emotional disturbance are on a continuum of mental health. They have natural supports and strengths that should be built on to foster resilience and recovery. By promoting mental health and early intervention, and by providing quality services, providers can support adults, children and youth to achieve mental health. Texas Resilience and Recovery is a person-centered approach that moves away from the disease-focused model of the past.

Resilience and recovery are basic principles of the mental health system. The selection of available services includes these principles. Evidence-based and promising practices are an important part of Texas Resilience and Recovery. Using these practices, the services and supports provided within the mental health system result in measurable outcomes and the resilience, recovery and mental health achievement of adults, children and youth.

Support in developing evidence-based clinical practices is offered on the Centralized Training Infrastructure for Evidence-Based Practices, a training platform that supports the delivery of behavioral health services for youth and adults in Texas.

Evidence-Based Practices and Resources