Age Well Live Well

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission provides information for older adults to help them stay healthy, connected and informed. Learn ways to stay connected on the Resources for Staying Connected (English PDF | Spanish PDF) factsheet and find out how to access healthy food by reading Nutrition Resources for Staying Healthy (English PDF | Spanish PDF).

Helping reduce isolation by developing relationships is something we can all help improve. The HHSC’s Know Your Neighbor campaign encourages connections and engagement with older neighbors. Learn more.

What we do every day plays a role in our quality of life as we get older. While aging and living well takes time and planning, preparing now can help you be healthy, connected and informed as you age. HHSC's Age Well Live Well campaign highlights the importance of aging well and promotes increased community preparedness. The campaign outlines the steps we can take today to build a healthier tomorrow.

Be Healthy

Maintain and improve your mental, physical and spiritual health as you age.

Be Connected

Stay engaged and connected to your community.

Be Informed

Learn about available services and supports that you might need as you age.

Partners & Communities

Support aging and living well by providing awareness of and access to services, creating social engagement opportunities, and providing education on aging issues.

Learn more about Partners & Communities.


Texercise assists older Texans with learning about and engaging in healthy aging behaviors (e.g., physical activity and nutrition).

Learn more About Texercise.

Texas Talks

Texas Talks helps older adults, their family and friends start conversations and prepare for aging needs.

Learn more about Texas Talks.

Aging Texas Well

Learn about the HHS readiness initiative that helps Texans prepare for aging at individual, community and state level.

Learn more about Aging Texas Well.