How Do I Report Suspected Fraud or Misuse of State Resources?

Report suspected waste, fraud or abuse in health and human services programs to the:

  • Texas State Auditor's Office at 800-TX-AUDIT
  • Texas Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General at 800-436-6184

You also can contact these agencies online at:

Reporting Fraud FAQs

What is fraud?

Fraud is the crime of dishonestly taking something of value from someone else.

Examples of fraud may include:

  • Giving someone a generic drug but billing for the name-brand drug
  • Billing a person for services already paid for by someone else
  • Misusing someone’s money
  • Claiming payment for services that were not provided.

Who can report fraud?

Anyone can report fraud, waste or abuse. Texas Health and Human Services is required by law to refer suspected provider fraud to the Office of Inspector General.