Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF/IID)

What is an ICF/IID?

The Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with an Intellectual Disability or Related Conditions program provides residential and habilitation services to people with intellectual disabilities or a related condition.

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Contract Administration and Provider Monitoring: 512-438-3390, email CAPM NF ICF Contracting

Contracting Policy, Living Options, Trust Funds, Therapeutic Leaves or QAF: email HHSC ICFIID Questions

Enforcement: 512-438-2626

Forms Processing and Service Authorizations: Provider Claims Services, 512-438-2200, Option 1

Licensing and Certification: 512-438-2630

Quality Assurance Fee (QAF): 512-424-6552

Regional Contact Information: Regulatory Services regional contacts

Regulatory Services Policy: 512-438-3161, email HHSC LTCR Policy

Surrogate Decision-making Program (SDMP): Email Randy Rowley, SDMP Manager or call (512) 438-4306 with questions pertaining to Surrogate Consent Committees (SCC), or if you would like to volunteer to serve on a SCC.

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There is no additional funding for ICF/IIDs and there has not been for several years. If funding should become available, notice will be posted in the Texas Register.

Regulatory Comment Card Survey

Please take a short survey about the recent visit to your facility by Texas Health and Human Services Regulatory Services.

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Information & Provider Letters

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Note: These files are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.
Number Title/Notes Date Published
IL 2024-05 Preparing for the Upcoming Fiscal Year 2024 Fee-for-Service Claims Billing Closeout
PL 2020-01 How to File a Complaint Regarding a Surveyor and Report Survey Inconsistencies

Note: Revised 4/16/2024

PL 2024-04 Revised Process for Reporting and HHSC Investigations of Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation

Note: Replaces PL 2017-02 and PL 2017-03. Revised 03/04/2024

IL 2024-04 Changes to HHSC-Approved Diagnostic Codes for Persons with Related Conditions List

Note: Replaces IL 2021-44

IL 2024-03 Personal Needs Allowance (PNA) Overpayment Error
IL 2023-44 2023 Cost Report and 2023 or 2024 Accountability Report Training Information
IL 2023-42 2023 Reporting Requirements for Attendant Compensation Rate Enhancement
PL 2023-20 Texas Unified Licensure Information Portal (TULIP) – Updated and Additional Information

Note: Replaces PL 2018-15.

IL 2023-40 State Fiscal Year 2024 Awarded Levels for the Attendant Compensation Rate Enhancement and Direct Care Staff Enhancement Programs Effective Retroactive to September 1, 2023
IL 2023-33 Attendant Services in Various Programs