What training opportunities are available through the Health and Human Services Commission?

HHSC Educational Services offers joint training on a variety of topics, including the 10 most common violations of federal or state regulations. Some trainings are provided via webinar and others are instructor-led at locations across the state. Anyone may participate in joint training, including individuals with disabilities, family members, community members, providers and surveyors. Check the Joint Training Opportunities Page often as new classes are regularly posted and registration can fill up quickly.

Where can I find the top 10 cited deficiencies for Health and Life Safety Code?

Visit the Long-term Care Provider Web-based Training Page for additional trainings, including the Most Frequently Cited Deficiencies, Writing Acceptable Plans of Correction, Complaint and Incident Intake and Plans of Removal.

Can HHSC Long-term Care Regulatory Services surveyors provide technical assistance?

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), when deficiencies are found, the surveyor may provide an explanation to the provider concerning the deficiency to help the provider understand why the requirement is not met. However, after informing the facility of a deficient practice, the surveyor cannot prescribe how to correct it. Per the State Operations Manual (PDF), CMS guidance is as follows: "Frequently, the explanation will embody the action needed to correct the problem. In situations where there may be several possible causes for the deficiency, it is not the surveyor's responsibility to delve into the facility's policies and procedures to determine the root cause of the deficiency or to sift through various alternatives to suggest an acceptable remedy." (State Operations Manual section 2727).

Where can I find the HHSC Long-term Care Regulatory Services Annual Report?

Where can I find information about resident rights?

General information about rights as a person with a disability can be found on the Your Rights Page. Specific information about a resident's rights in an ICF/IID can be found in the ICF/IID Rights Handbook (PDF).

Where do I find information about reporting incidents to HHSC?

The Provider Self-reporting Page has information on the types of incidents that must be reported, timelines for reporting, how to report an incident and completing the provider investigation report.

Who can I contact if I have questions?