Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF/IID)

What is an ICF/IID?

The Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with an Intellectual Disability or Related Conditions program provides residential and habilitation services to people with intellectual disabilities or a related condition.

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Forms Processing and Service Authorizations: Provider Claims Services, 512-438-2200, Option 1

Contract Administration and Provider Monitoring: 512-438-3390,

Quality Assurance Fee (QAF): 512-424-6552

Contracting Policy, Living Options, Trust Funds, Therapeutic Leaves or QAF:

Enforcement: 512-438-2626

Licensing and Certification: 512-438-2630

Regulatory Services Policy: 512-438-3161,

Other Contact Information: Regulatory Services regional contacts

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There is no additional funding for ICF/IIDs and there has not been for several years. If funding should become available, notice will be posted in the Texas Register.

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Statutes and Rules


Formatted State Rules

HHS maintains the formatted versions of rules related to this program on its website to enhance public access to program information. The Texas Register and the Texas Administrative Code remain the official sources for all HHS rules.


Other Rules and Statutes


Provider Letters

All letters are in PDF format.

Keywords in title or number
Number Title Date Published
PL 2021-34 Amended Statutory Cap Regarding Administrative Penalties for Intermediate Care Facilities 9/10/2021
PL 2021-33 Authority to Enter Long-term Care Facilities 9/2/2021
PL 2021-29 End of Temporary Suspension of Certain LTCR Requirements During COVID-19 Outbreak
Note: Replaces PL 2020-21 and 2020-26. Revised September 14, 2021.
PL 2021-25 Informal Dispute Resolution (IDR) Conference Expectations 6/30/2021
PL 2021-05 COVID-19 Vaccination Reporting (Revised)
Note: Issued on Feb. 12, 2021, revised on April 16, 2021.
PL 2020-57 HHSC Guidance to Home and Community-based Services (HCS) Program Providers and ICF/IID Facilities Regarding Tours for Prospective Residents/Individuals
Note: Revised: Originally issued Dec. 30, 2020, revised April 15, 2021
PL 2021-15 Fingerprint-based Criminal History Checks for Current and Prospective Medication Aides 4/15/2021
PL 2021-14 Status of an Active License During a Renewal Process
Note: Replaces PL 2019-18
PL 2020-49 Process to Request Free COVID-19 Point of Care Antigen Test Kits
Note: Revised March 25, 2021
PL 2021-10 COVID-19 Response - Expansion of Reopening Visitation
Note: Replaces PL 2020-43

Information Letters

All letters are in PDF format.

Keywords in title or number
Number Title Date Published
IL 2021-44 Changes to HHSC-Approved Diagnostic Codes for Persons with Related Conditions List
Note: Replaces IL 2020-44. Revised September 27, 2021
IL 2021-42 ICF/IID Services During COVID-19
Note: Replaces IL 2020-43
IL 2021-36 Fiscal Year 2021 Cutoff Date for Year-end Closeout Processing 7/30/2021
IL 2021-37 Payments for Leave Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic
Note: Replaces IL 2021-05, Revised July, 30, 2021
IL 2021-18 Community Development Block Grant CARES Act (CDBG-CV) Assistance to Providers for Persons with Disabilities 4/16/2021
IL 2021-12 Minimizing Claim Rejection for Service Group 6 (ICF/IID non-state) 3/8/2021
IL 2021-09 Handling of Sensitive Personal Information and Breach Notification
Note: Replaces IL 2012-86
IL 2020-48 Cost/Accountability Report and 2021 Accountability Report Training Information 12/4/2020
IL 2020-38 Institutional Claim, Attending Provider's NPI 8/11/2020
IL 2020-35 Fiscal Year 2020 Cutoff Date for Year-end Closeout Processing 8/7/2020