Mental Health & Substance Use Resources

Contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Find your local mental health authority or local behavioral health authority.


COVID-19 IDD and Behavioral Health Resources

Texans experiencing anxiety, stress or emotional changes due to the pandemic can seek help from these resources.

Other Resources

Texas Health and Human Services offers a variety of resources for families and persons experiencing mental health or substance use issues.

Children, Youth and Families

Crisis Services

  • Crisis Text Line is free, 24/7 support for those in crisis. Text TX to 741741 from anywhere in the U.S. to reach a trained crisis counselor.
  • Crisis Services Search – Find the crisis hotline for the local mental health or behavioral health authority in your county.
  • Law Enforcement Crisis Intervention in Texas – Specially trained police officers who know how to intervene with people who are experiencing a mental health crisis.

Individuals and Family Members

  • Community Resource Coordination Groups – Local partners and community members who help people with complex, multi-agency needs get benefits and services.
  • Family Based Support Programs – Helps families maintain a stable and safe home to reduce the risk of future abuse through family counseling, crisis intervention, parenting classes, substance abuse treatment, domestic violence intervention, and day care.
  • Family Violence Program – Shelters, counseling and legal advocacy for people escaping family violence or domestic abuse.

Mental Health

People with Disabilities

Substance Use

  • Dose of Reality: Prevent Prescription Painkiller Misuse in Texas – This website is aimed at prevention through education by providing information on opioids, risk factors, and how to safely store and dispose of unwanted prescription painkillers. It also provides vital information for those seeking help for themselves.
  • Substance Use Disorder Treatment Services Search – Find substance use treatment services in your area through the Outreach, Screening, Assessment and Referral Centers. Texans seeking services and information may qualify for services based on need.

Suicide Prevention


Reports & Presentations

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