The easiest way to treat a disease is stop it before it starts. Understanding how to avoid a possible chronic condition is essential. Prevention is an effective path to improving Texans' lives.

  • Diabetes Self-Management Education classes can teach you the best ways to care for yourself so that you can live a healthier life if you are diagnosed with prediabetes or diabetes.
  • Drug Free Texas is a substance abuse prevention campaign created to reduce underage drug and alcohol use in Texas. Youth, parents and educators (including prevention specialists) can empower themselves to have meaningful conversations about substance use.
  • Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention Program at the Texas Department of State Health Services creates, promotes and guides public health programs to promote healthy lifestyles and to educate people about preventing and managing chronic diseases.
  • Immunization Branch provides information for families and medical providers about the benefits of immunizations and which ones are recommended at different life stages.
  • Infectious Disease Prevention Section at the Texas Department of State Health Services oversees program services related to tuberculosis, Hansen's disease and refugee health, sexually transmitted diseases, viral hepatitis prevention and all HIV activities along with activities for detection, prevention, and control of other infectious diseases, including zoonotic diseases.
  • The Zika Medicaid Benefit is available in Medicaid and other state programs. Texas covers certain mosquito repellent products year-round for the prevention of the Zika virus.