Home and Community Support Services Agencies (HCSSA)

What is a HCSSA?

Home and community support services agencies (HCSSAs) provide services such as:

  • nursing;
  • physical, occupational, speech, respiratory or intravenous therapy;
  • social services;
  • dialysis;
  • personal assistance services;
  • nutritional counseling; and
  • terminal and palliative care (through hospice agencies)

to individuals in a residence or independent living environment.

Hospice agencies and hospice inpatient facilities provide intervention services that focus primarily on the reduction or abatement of physical, psychological, or spiritual symptoms of a terminal illness for consumers. They also provide support services for consumers and their families.

Provider Communications

Read news, information letters (ILs) and provider letters (PLs).


Contact Program Staff

Contracting: 512-438-2080 
Licensing and certification: 512-438-2630 
OASIS help desk: 512-438-4122 
Policy and rule interpretations: 512-438-3161 / PolicyRulesTraining@hhsc.state.tx.us 
Regional nurses: Community Services regional contacts for your region 
Long-term care regulatory regional contact numbers

Regulatory Comment Card Survey

Please complete a short feedback survey about the recent visit to your facility by the HHSC Long-Term Care Regulatory Division.

Texas HCSSA Provider Directories


Information & Provider Letters

Case-sensitive. Use commas to separate multiple entries.
Note: These files are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.
Number Title/Notes Date Published
PL 2023-13 Changes to Initial Self-Reporting Methods and Provider Investigation Report Form 3613/3613-A
PL 2023-12 Revised Process for Reporting Abuse Neglect and Exploitation

Note: Revised 5/22/2023. Originally issued 5/18/2023.

PL 2023-05 End of Temporary Waivers of Certain LTCR Requirements During COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

Note: Revised 5/8/2023. Replaced PLs 2020-21, 2020-26 and 2021-29.

PL 2023-11 Cooperation with HHSC Provider Investigations
PL 2023-07 Temporary Closures
PL 2018-20 Incident Reporting Requirements

Note: Replaces PL 13-04 and PL 18-07

PL 2023-04 HCSSA Medicare Relocation Questionnaire
PL 2022-33 Guidance for HCSSAs Wanting to Provide Supportive Palliative Care
PL 2022-32 Blackboard Connect Emergency Communication System
PL 2022-26 Enforcement Unit Mailbox for Informal Dispute Resolution

Note: Replaces PL 2016-42 and PL 11-15. (Originally issued November 28, 2016).