Assisted Living Facilities (ALF)

What is an Assisted Living Facility?

Assisted living facilities provide individualized health and personal care assistance in a homelike setting with an emphasis on personal dignity, autonomy, independence and privacy. Facilities can be large apartment-like settings or private residences. Services provided include meals, bathing, dressing, toileting and administering or supervising medication.

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission licenses ALFs based on its residents' physical and mental ability to leave the facility in an emergency and whether they require nighttime attendance.

  • A Type A facility cares for residents who do not require routine attendance during sleeping hours and are capable of following directions in an emergency.
  • A Type B facility is for residents who require staff assistance to leave the facility and are not capable of following directions in an emergency, and require nighttime attendance.

The ALF Information brochure (PDF) explains the variety of ALFs available in Texas, who receives care at ALFs, and the services ALFs provide. ALFs are regulated under Health and Safety Code, Chapter 247 and Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Title 26, Part I, Chapter 553.

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Number Title/Notes Date Published
IL 2023-18 ARPA and HCBS Provider Retention Payments Attestation and Reporting Requirements

Note: Replaces IL 2022-52

PL 2023-05 End of Temporary Waivers of Certain LTCR Requirements During COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

Note: Revised 5/8/2023. Replaced PLs 2020-21, 2020-26 and 2021-29.

PL 2023-07 Temporary Closures
PL 2021-41 Health Maintenance Activities

Note: Date Issued: November 15, 2021

PL 2022-29 New Rules Implementing House Bill (H.B.) 1423 and Senate Bill (S.B.) 199, S.B. 271 and S.B. 383, 87th Legislature, Regular Session, 2021

Note: Revised January 23, 2023. Originally issued 11/21/2022.

PL 2018-20 Incident Reporting Requirements

Note: Replaces PL 13-04 and PL 18-07

IL 2022-59 Assessment of DBMD ALF Settings for Compliance with Federal HCBS Settings
PL 2022-32 Blackboard Connect Emergency Communication System
PL 2022-30 Adopted Rules Related to Temporary Licenses for Long-term Care Provider Changes of Ownership (CHOWs)
PL 2022-28 New Rules Implementing House Bill (H.B) 1681 87th Legislature, Regular Session, 2021