ALF Pre-Licensure Computer-based Training Information

Effective May 1, 2009, before an assisted living facility can become licensed, the applicant must complete this important preliminary training, called "Assisted Living Facility Pre-Licensure Training," as required by Title 26 of the Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §553.23.

To ensure that ALF licensure applicants can meet the requirement to become licensed, the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) has created this online computer-based training (CBT). The ALF pre-licensure training is intended to prepare prospective applicants for licensure for the inspection to become a licensed ALF. Successful completion of this pre-licensure CBT will help an applicant prepare for the initial inspection and provide answers to some of the questions that prospective applicants may have about the licensing of ALFs. This training is designed to provide an introduction to the licensure process and does not cover every regulation.

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Who is required to participate in the pre-licensure CBT? 
In Texas, facilities must be licensed to operate if it furnishes (in one or more facilities) food and shelter to four or more persons unrelated to the proprietor of the establishment and the facility provides personal care services to at least one person. The person applying for an initial license to operate an ALF must complete the CBT.

How long will it take to complete the CBT?
This CBT will take from one to two hours to complete; however, there is no time limit imposed on participants. If you exit the course before finishing, your progress will not be saved. You will need to launch the course from the beginning.

What do you do after you complete the training?
After completing the training, applicants must print out a participation verification certificate. Sign the original document, keep a copy for your facility's records and submit the original copy with your facility's license application. Application packets will not be accepted without this document!

Steps to taking the ALF pre-licensure CBT

  • Obtain the required materials. In order to successfully complete the ALF Pre-Licensure CBT, participants must have access to the most current copies of all relevant regulations and laws. Click on each document title to download and print.
  • Complete the participation verification certificate. Upon completion of the training, print and sign the participant verification certificate. Directions for completing this form are on the form. This completed form must be submitted with all ALF license applications.

The Computer-Based Training (CBT)

All applicants for an assisted living facility license must complete the ALF Pre-Licensure Training CBT. Click on the hyperlink below to begin. If you use pop-up blockers, you MUST disable ALL pop-up blockers in order to take the course. If you fail to disable your pop-up blockers, the course will not load. Click here for a PDF file with instructions on how to disable pop-up blockers. In addition, JavaScript must be enabled to run the CBT. If you do not have JavaScript enabled on your computer, click here to view a PDF that tells you how to do so.

To start the training, click on the link below: