Home & Community Support Services Agencies (HCSSA)

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What is a HCSSA?

Home and community support services agencies (HCSSAs) provide services such as

  • nursing;
  • physical, occupational, speech, respiratory or intravenous therapy;
  • social services;
  • dialysis;
  • personal assistance services;
  • nutritional counseling; and
  • terminal and palliative care (through hospice agencies)
  • to individuals in a residence or independent living environment.

Hospice agencies and hospice inpatient facilities provide intervention services that focus primarily on the reduction or abatement of physical, psychological, or spiritual symptoms of a terminal illness for consumers. They also provide support services for consumers and their families.


Provider Letters

All letters are in PDF format.

Keywords in title or number
Number Title Date Published
PL 2021-37 Administrator and Alternate Administrator Requirements
Note: Replaces PL 15-17 and PL 16-16
PL 2021-35 Licensing Requirements for In-home Supportive Palliative Care 9/15/2021
PL 2021-33 Authority to Enter Long-term Care Facilities 9/2/2021
PL 2021-29 End of Temporary Suspension of Certain LTCR Requirements During COVID-19 Outbreak
Note: Replaces PL 2020-21 and 2020-26. Revised September 14, 2021.
PL 2021-27 Documenting Delivery of Non-Delegated Tasks by Unlicensed Persons
Note: Replaces PL 2013-20
PL 2021-24 HCSSA COVID-19 Vaccination Authority for Home Health and Hospice Agencies 6/8/2021
PL 2021-18 Requirement to Request an Initial Survey Within Six Months After Issuance of an Initial License 4/23/2021
PL 2021-17 Description of Key Changes in Newly Adopted HCSSA Rules 4/22/2021
PL 2021-15 Fingerprint-based Criminal History Checks for Current and Prospective Medication Aides 4/15/2021
PL 2021-14 Status of an Active License During a Renewal Process
Note: Replaces PL 2019-18

Information Letters

All letters are in PDF format.

Keywords in title or number
Number Title Date Published
IL 2020-24 Preparing for the Upcoming Fiscal year 2020 Fee-for-Service Claims Billing Closeout 6/12/2020
IL 2014-24 Reassessment Process in Preparation of STAR+PLUS Expansion in Rural Service Areas 6/3/2014
IL 2013-52 Reminder for Personal Assistance Services Billing: Do Not Bill When a Consumer is in an Institution 8/28/2013
IL 2013-25 Contract and Fiscal Compliance Monitoring – Implementation of Intermittent Monitoring - Effective Date June 1, 2013 5/3/2013
IL 2013-19 Contract Re-Enrollment and Required Use of the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) System in Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) EVV Counties 4/10/2013
IL 2013-18 Pre-filling Medication Planners 4/2/2013
IL 2012-88 2012 Cost Report Changes and Training Opportunities 12/5/2012
IL 2012-86 Handling of Sensitive Personal Information and Breach Notification 11/27/2012
IL 2012-83 Changes to the Medicaid Eligibility Service Authorization Verification (MESAV) Effective November 2, 2012 10/29/2012
IL 2012-78 Approval of Vehicle Modifications as Adaptive Aids 9/19/2012