Program and Service Requirements Schedules Available in EVV System

EVV policy does not require program providers and financial management services agencies (FMSAs) to enter schedules into the EVV system, however, each program has its own requirements related to schedules. Program providers and FMSAs must follow their program requirements for schedules to determine if they are required to enter a schedule into the EVV system.

The EVV system allows program providers and FMSAs to select from the following three schedule types:

  • Daily Fixed Schedules
  • Daily Variable Schedules
  • Weekly Variable Schedules

If schedules are used in the EVV system, an EVV visit transaction that matches against a schedule will auto-verify if there are no exceptions or critical errors. EVV visit transactions that do not match against a schedule or have exceptions or critical errors will require visit maintenance. If a schedule is not used for an EVV visit transaction, the EVV visit transaction will auto-verify if there are no other exceptions or critical errors.

For a description of the requirements related to using schedules in the EVV system, review the Program and Service Requirements for Schedules (PDF) found on the EVV webpage.

EVV Proprietary Systems

HHSC does not require a Proprietary System Operator (PSO) to offer schedule types in their EVV proprietary system. The EVV PSO may choose to implement an alternate schedule type or follow EVV policy for Daily Fixed, Daily Variable or Weekly Variable schedule types.

Contact your EVV PSO to learn about the scheduling options in their EVV system.


Visit the HHAeXchange Texas Provider Portal Knowledge Base webpage for assistance with scheduling visits in HHAeXchange.

Reference EVV Policy Handbook section 4600 Schedules and 4610 Schedule Types for more information.