3200, Sampling Methodology

Revision 20-1; Effective September 1, 2019


The sampling methodology to be used for Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) guardianship contractors includes:

  • annual reviews; and
  • follow-up reviews, as needed.

Specific Methodology

The sample number of cases reviewed for each monitoring review is 20 percent with a minimum of 15 cases and maximum of 20 cases of HHSC wards served by the contractor, whichever number is greater. If a contractor serves less than 15 HHSC wards, the total number of wards served by the contactor will be included in the sample. The sample includes established guardianship of the person cases, newly referred guardianship of the person cases and closed cases for the identified review period. The sample is drawn from the Guardianship Online Database (GOLD) system. A random sample is drawn utilizing information gathered from the GOLD reports. After the list of wards served by the contractor is compiled from GOLD, the list is alphabetized and applied to a randomizer to ensure a random sample is obtained. If, after identifying the sample, each category is not represented, the team continues developing a sample using the randomizer until each group served by the contractor is represented. The sample is forwarded to the contractor 14 calendar days before the review begins. A larger sample may be drawn if during the monitoring visits significant findings are identified indicating noncompliance with HHSC rules, policies, procedures or statutes. If a sample is expanded, the sample may include up to 100 percent of the wards served by the contractor.