3400, Entrance Conference

Revision 22-1; Effective Nov. 1, 2022

The monitoring team holds an entrance conference with the contractor’s representative and any staff members the contractor chooses to include. The entrance conference may be conducted in person, virtually or by TEAMS meeting. During the entrance conference, the following activities occur:

  • The team leader explains the purpose of the review, the monitoring process, the sampling methodology and review period.
  • The team leader obtains the name of the contact person who will be available to the review team throughout the desk review and on-site visit to respond to inquiries from the monitoring team.
  • The team leader gives an estimated amount of time required to complete the monitoring review.
  • The team leader provides the contractor with the sample list of the wards’ names selected to be reviewed. The contact person or other individuals identified must be available by phone or email the days the desk review is conducted.
  • The team lead provides the contractor a comprehensive list of missing documentation, findings and general inquires at the end of each day of the desk review. The contractor can respond to the daily inquiries throughout the review.
  • The team leader discusses the use of visits, interviews and observations as part of the determination for compliance. After a sample of wards for visits, interviews and observations is determined, the team leader may coordinate some or all the visits with the contractor. The contractor may coordinate the visits with the wards and facility staff.
  • Time is allotted for questions and comments from the contractor and others at the entrance conference and throughout the review.
  • The team leader stresses ongoing communication during the review. If questions arise or information is missing during the review, the team leader requests the information from the contact person. Every effort is made to obtain information prior to the exit conference.