3100, Pre-Monitoring Activities

Revision 20-1; Effective September 1, 2019

Contract monitoring reviews are conducted using a team approach. At least two members of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) Oversight and Community Support (OCS) Unit participate in the pre-monitoring activities and the field monitoring reviews.

The review team:

  • Designates a team leader for the monitoring review.
  • Determines when to send the letter announcing the contract monitoring review. The contract monitoring entrance letter is sent 30 calendar days in advance of the monitoring review and will include a meeting time for the on-site visit to ensure space is available to meet with contract staff and conduct exit.
  • Determines the review period to be covered during the monitoring visit. Review periods will be based on the last review period and may range from 10 months to 14 months. The initial review period for new contracts is six months.
  • Determines the sample for review, as outlined below. The sample is emailed to the contractor’s executive director or designee 14 calendar days (excluding holidays) before the scheduled review. 
  • Prepares the monitoring visit review packets.
  • Reviews the findings and plan of correction from the previous contract monitoring visit, as well as any follow-up actions as a result of the visit.
  • Reviews any complaints and results of investigations which have been conducted since the last monitoring visit.