Appendix XV-F, Rehabilitation Technology Resource Center


Service Title Service Description Consumer Group
Information and Referral The Rehabilitation Technology Center (RTRC) provides information and refers people to the right resources. Staff research the latest products that are commercially available, giving people choices that can assist them in achieving their goals.  

RTRC is open to the general public on a time-available basis.

Assessments RTRC can provide counselors with information about jobsite and home modifications, as well as computer assessments.

RTRC does not provide assistive technology assessments as this service is made available through qualified professionals such as physical therapists, occupational therapists or rehabilitation engineers.

All assessments for rehabilitation technology are conducted in the individual's customary environment or the environment where the technology will be used, such as the home or worksite. The assessment provides pertinent background information about the individual environment or site where the consumer will use the technology. This assessment includes a detailed recommendation of:

  • the specifications for a device, system or service;
  • justification for the purchase (including advantages over other options); and
  • maintenance cost, benefits and how the equipment addresses the individual's functional limitations and vocational goals.

If a brand or a model is specified, generic equivalents should also be allowed.

For information about services and service availability, call the RTRC program specialist at 512-936-3462.
Demonstration and Equipment Loans RTRC is located in the DRS central office in Austin and has a wide array of assistive equipment including wheelchairs and aids for communication, daily living, deaf and hard of hearing. The lab also addresses ergonomic issues.

The lab's inventory is available for demonstration and the majority of items are available to loan to consumers for a period of three weeks. Equipment loans enable consumers to try out devices to ensure they meet the consumer's needs prior to purchase.

Equipment is loaned to rehabilitation professionals and to DRS consumers through counselors.

Other individuals or groups may request demonstrations at RTRC by calling 512-424-4138 or 512-424-4111 to schedule an appointment.

Vehicle Modifications The installation of wheelchair lifts, hand controls, reduced-effort steering and a wide range of other adaptive vehicle equipment empowers consumers to travel independently to achieve work and personal goals.

DRS staff review vehicle modification prescriptions and plans, and can provide the latest information about vehicle adaptations. DRS works in partnership with Texas Transportation Institute to assure that the purchased modifications are safe and appropriate to meet the consumer's needs.

For information about services and service availability, call the Vehicle Modifications coordinator at 512-424-4155 or the RTRC program specialist at 512- 424-4111.

Appears In

  • Community Care Services Eligibility Handbook
  • STAR+PLUS Handbook
  • STAR+PLUS Program Support Unit Operational Procedures Handbook