Appendix III, Appropriate or Inappropriate Individual Characteristics Special Services to Persons with Disabilities

Revision 21-1; Effective March 1, 2021

Attendant services are inappropriate for an applicant or recipient whose needs exceed the scope of the contract. Community Care Services Eligibility (CCSE) staff use the following examples of appropriate and inappropriate characteristics to decide if an applicant or recipient's needs can be adequately met through the program.

Appropriate Inappropriate
  • Requires assistance with personal care or health-related tasks. Has other reliable resources to meet health, safety, and independent living needs not authorized or provided through the service or contract.
  • Will be dependent upon the contractor for medical care or health-related tasks that are not within the scope of the service or contract.
  • Manages their emotional or mental disorder with prescribed drug regimen.
  • Threatens the safety of themselves or others or does not maintain their medication regimen.
  • May have occasional periods of forgetfulness, confusion, or disorientation, or lack social or communication skills.
  • Is totally disoriented, confused, incoherent, or incapable of following or giving instructions.
  • Requires medication for rest or sleep.
  • Requires attendant visits during the night to control disruptive behavior.
  • Occasionally uses alcohol or non-prescribed drugs that do not result in disruptive behavior.
  • Is addicted to alcohol or non-prescribed drugs and is not in an active treatment plan.
  • Is realistic about responsibilities for semi-independent living and limitations of services provided through this contract.
  • Requires a highly structured living arrangement or does not demonstrate semi-independent living skills.