A-420, Failure to Comply

Revision 15-4; Effective October 1, 2015


If an application is certified but a member is disqualified, notification of the individual’s disqualification is included on the comment section of Form TF0001, Notice of Case Action.

Exception: Advisors follow policy in A-410, General Policy, for applicable exceptions for SNAP.

Related Policy

TANF — Budgeting for a Household Member Disqualified for Noncompliance with SSN, TPR, Failure to Timely Report a Certified Child's Temporary Absence, Intentional Program Violation, Being a Fugitive or a Felony Drug Conviction, A-1362.2
SNAP — Budgeting for Members Disqualified for Citizenship, 18-50 Work Requirement or Noncompliance with Social Security Number Requirements, A-1362.3


Advisors must disqualify a required member of the certified group who fails to comply without good cause.

Exception: Advisors must deny the application/EDG if the:

  • only eligible child or otherwise eligible person does not comply; or
  • caretaker/payee refuses to cooperate and the advisor cannot otherwise determine eligibility of the other members.


Advisors must disqualify an applicant who fails to comply.

Exception: Follow policy in A-410 for the following situations:

  • children under age six months,
  • expedited service, and
  • good cause claims.

Medical Programs except TA 31, TP 32, TP 33, TP 34, TP 35, TP 36 and TP 45

Advisors must deny an individual's eligibility if the individual fails to comply with the SSN requirements explained in this section. Denying eligibility for an individual who does not comply with SSN requirements does not impact the eligibility for any other individuals applying for or receiving Medical Program benefits.

A—421 Reestablishing Eligibility

Revision 15-4; Effective October 1, 2015


If a member is disqualified at application and later complies, the individual is included effective the month after being notified of the compliance.