A-450, Documentation Requirements

Revision 15-4; Effective October 1, 2015

All Programs except TA 31, TP 32, TP 33, TP 34, TP 35, TP 36 and TP 45

In the Data Collection/Individual Demographics-SSN/Armed Services page, the advisor must enter the date the individual was given Form SSA-5028, Receipt for Application for an SSN, or Form SSA-2853, Message From Social Security, or the date the applicant returned Form H1106, Enumeration Referral. For EDGs with an individual currently being enumerated, the advisor sends the following documents for imaging:

  • Form H1106,
  • a copy of Form SSA-5028, or
  • a copy of Form SSA-2853.

Advisors must document that the SSA enumerated the individual or was unable to do so.

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Advisors must document good cause claims according to A-410, General Policy.

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