A-1920, Determining the Number of FTL Months Used

Revision 11-3; Effective July 1, 2011


Effective with October 1999 benefits, each month a caretaker or second parent receives a TANF benefit counts toward the FTL, even if the month does not count toward the state time limit. This includes TANF benefits received in another state. Additionally, any month these members received benefits in Texas from November 1996 through September 1999 that counted toward the state time limit, also counts toward the FTL. Note: Individuals in control group cases were subject to FTLs beginning with October 1999 benefits.

Do not count a month toward the FTL if

  • a caretaker or second parent is disqualified.
  • the household's grant is:
    • cancelled and not reissued,
    • cancelled and reissued without including the caretaker or second parent's needs,
    • totally claimed as an overpayment.

A—1921 Tracking FTL Months

Revision 17-3; Effective July 1, 2017


Effective Oct. 1, 1999, an FTL month counts when a TANF benefit is issued to an adult caretaker or second parent.

To count a month an individual received benefits in another state, enter information in TIERS Data Collection – Out-of-State Benefits. FTL months only count if the individual received cash assistance. TIERS programming correctly determines FTL months for each individual. FTL information transferred from SAVERR during TIERS conversion. Advisors must contact the IEE/TIERS Technical Help Desk if FTL months need to be corrected in TIERS.

FTL months and years counted towards an individual’s FTL can be found in TIERS on the TANF Time Limit page.

TIERS inquiry displays FTL data on the Individual – TANF Time Limits & PRA screen in the hover menu. It includes the:

  • maximum months;
  • FTL months used; and
  • remaining months available.