A-1950, Counting Months Toward Time-Limited Eligibility

Revision 22-1; Effective January 1, 2022 


Count a benefit month as one of the three initial ABAWD Federal Time Limit (FTL) months if the person:

  • receives SNAP benefits in Texas or any other state that month;
  • is not exempt from the work requirement that month; and
  • fails to work an average of 20 hours per week that month.

Note: Staff must verify any benefits the person received in another state as an ABAWD if the recipient indicates receiving benefits outside of Texas and the information is readily available.

ABAWD FTL months must also be applied retroactively when:

  • the benefits are issued as restored benefits;
  • the person received an exemption from ABAWD work requirements and time limits in error; or
  • the person correctly received an exemption from ABAWD work requirements and time limits, but the household situation changed and the ABAWD status was not updated.

Do not count SNAP benefit months toward the ABAWD time limit when HHSC or the out-of-state agency:

  • disqualifies the person from SNAP for any reason;
  • prorates benefits; or
  • files an overpayment claim for the entire month's benefit.


  • John Adams (an ABAWD) applied for SNAP benefits on March 1, 2011. The application was denied March 31, 2011, for missed appointment. Adams reapplies on April 4, 2011, and is approved SNAP benefits from April 4, 2011, ongoing, with May 2011 counting as the first month toward his three-month ABAWD time limit. On May 12, 2011, it was discovered that the denial on March 31, 2011, was in error and Adams is issued the full allotment for March 2011, and the portion that was prorated for April 2011 in restored SNAP benefits. Both March and April must be counted retroactively toward the ABAWD time limit.
  • Susan Jones applied for SNAP benefits on Nov. 16, 2010. Jones received an E&T exemption because she had recently lost her job and had applied for unemployment benefits. As a result, she also was exempted from the ABAWD time limit requirements. Jones was approved for SNAP benefits Nov. 16, 2010, through April 30, 2011. At Jones's redetermination interview on April 11, 2011, it is discovered that unemployment benefits were denied and HHSC had exempted her from E&T in error. Each of the months from the previous certification period in which HHSC had exempted her from E&T in error must be counted retroactively toward the ABAWD time limit.
  • Becky and Bob Smith and their three children were approved for SNAP benefits from Oct. 1, 2010, through March 31, 2011. The three children moved in with their grandmother on Nov. 2, 2010. The Smith household was certified as a streamlined reporting household and was not obligated to report that the children had left the home. The Smiths do not timely reapply and the SNAP certification period expires. On April 15, 2011, the Smiths reapply for SNAP benefits and are scheduled an interview the same day. At the interview the advisor discovers the children have been out of the home since November 2010. Each month from the previous certification period in which the children were out of the home for the full month must be counted retroactively toward the ABAWD time limit. April will not count as an ABAWD month because benefits are prorated.

Redetermine eligibility effective the benefit month after the third countable time-limited benefit month. Staff may set a:

  • special review before cutoff in the third countable month; or
  • three-month certification if the 36-month period starts at certification.

A—1951 After the Three Months of Time-Limited SNAP Eligibility

Revision 14-4; Effective October 1, 2014


When the initial three months of time-limited eligibility expire, the advisor must:

  • disqualify the individual; or
  • deny the EDG if:
    • it is a single-person household, or
    • the disqualification makes the household ineligible.

Provide advance notice of adverse action, if required.

Note: Use the individual notice language specific to this disqualification in the comment section of Form TF0001, Notice of Case Action.