E-8500, Change of Permanent Living Arrangement

Revision 09-4; Effective December 1, 2009

Receipt of in-kind S/M must be re-evaluated if a person changes his/her permanent living arrangement. Temporary absences from the permanent living arrangement do not affect S/M.

Example: A person lives in her own home. A friend lives with her. The friend pays more than her own pro-rata share of household expenses, so the person receives S/M of 1/3 FBR + $20. On March 8, the person was hospitalized and was subsequently discharged to her son's home on March 25. The person remained in the son's home while convalescing until April 12, when she returned to her own home. Because the person did not change her permanent living arrangement, continue to count 1/3 FBR + $20 as S/M.