E-2000, Exempt Income

Revision 20-3; Effective September 1, 2020

This section covers income that is exempt in both the eligibility and co-payment budgets.

Although it is necessary to look into the source and amount of all income, not all income is budgeted when determining eligibility and co-payment. Under federal requirements, some income is exempt from the eligibility budget and the budget to determine co-payment.

For the eligibility budget and co-payment budgets, if income meets certain criteria, document and verify if necessary, but do not include in the budget:

  • exempt income in this section; and
  • things that are not income (see E-1700), such as:
    • medical care and services;
    • certain social services;
    • receipts from the sale of a resource;
    • miscellaneous items, such as income tax refunds;
    • proceeds of a loan;
    • wage-related payments;
    • mandatory payroll deductions; and
    • cafeteria plans.