D-6600, When Not to Refer for Other Benefits

Revision 09-4; Effective December 1, 2009

No Apparent Eligibility — If a person does not meet the basic eligibility requirements for a benefit:

  • do not refer the person to apply for that benefit; and
  • document the case record with the reason.

Prior Denial — If the person alleges having applied for other benefits previously and having been denied for reasons other than failure to pursue, accept the signed statement regarding the denial, unless there is evidence to the contrary.

Contributions Withdrawn — If a person alleges withdrawal of contributions from a public sector pension, accept the person's signed statement regarding the withdrawal unless:

  • the employee was a teacher in a public college or university or was employed by a state or local police/fire department (and no precedent exists stating that, once funds are withdrawn, no benefits are payable); or
  • there is evidence to the contrary (for example, prior knowledge indicates funds may not be withdrawn).

Application Pending — If a person alleges an application for another benefit is pending:

  • send a verification letter to the benefit source; and
  • set up a special review to monitor receipt of the benefit.

Consider the following when assessing the possibility of other benefits a person may be eligible for:

  • General identification:
    • Employer's name and address.
    • Name and telephone number of the person who can supply pension information.
  • Pension plan:
    • Existence of a pension plan.
    • Statement as to whether or not employees contribute and, if they do, what happens to those contributions upon termination of employment for reasons other than retirement or disability.
    • Vesting requirements.
    • Pension plan provisions for survivors and/or dependents (including divorced spouses).
  • Union:
    • Whether or not there is a union.
    • If so, whether the union provides a pension.
    • Name, address and local telephone number of the union.
    • Conditions to qualify for the pension.
    • Union contact for additional information on the pension (including the telephone number).
  • Any other pertinent information, such as the date pension information was obtained and recorded.