Revision 12-3; Effective September 1, 2012


Basics of the SSP

The SSP located at is available to individuals 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can use this website to:

  • Request or print a blank:
    • Form H1200, Medicaid for the Elderly and People with Disabilities Application for Assistance – Your Texas Benefits;
    • Form H1010, Texas Works Application for Assistance – Your Texas Benefits; and
    • Form H1014, Application for Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), Children's Medicaid, and CHIP Perinatal Coverage.
  • Apply for the following benefits:
    • SNAP food benefits,
    • Medicaid,
    • TANF and TANF-Level Medicaid,
    • Medicare savings programs,
    • Long-term care.
  • View Past and future interview date and times.
  • View and print submitted applications.
  • View case status (approve, denied. and/or terminated).
  • View benefit amounts.
  • View effective and review date.
  • View pending information.
  • Report changes:
    • address,
    • phone number,
    • household members,
    • employment income,
    • self-employment income,
    • unearned income,
    • liquid resources,
    • shelter expenses including utility,
    • dependent care expense.
  • View Medicaid services and health history.
  • Submit redeterminations.

Account Management

SSP provides the user with an option of Application Visibility or Case Visibility. Users with application visibility will be given the option to update to case visibility by going through advanced authentication.

Individuals must set up an SSP Case Visibility account in order to view case information and report changes by going through advanced authentication. If an individual loses their SSP password or is unable to set up a case visibility account because they cannot correctly respond to the authentication security questions via the SSP, they may request assistance from HHSC or the vendor.

If the individual is in the office requesting assistance with alternate account set-up/password reset, staff must verify the individual's identity and use the State Portal SSP account Management tab to grant case visibility access or password reset. See C-2220, In-Person Contact.

If the individual is on the phone, then staff should refer the individual to 2-1-1 for assistance.

For additional information see, Group: Support Tools. Select Support Tool-SSP Application Registration.