7500, Service Backup Plan

Revision 21-2; Effective November 8, 2021

A program provider must develop a written backup plan for each waiver service identified on the PDP as critical to meeting an individual’s health and safety. HCS program providers may use Form 1742, Service Backup Plan for HCS, TxHmL and CFC Services, to develop a service backup plan or may use their own documentation that includes the required elements of a service backup plan. A backup plan must:

  • contain the name of the critical service;
  • specify the period of time in which an interruption to the critical service would result in an adverse effect to the individual’s health or safety; and
  • describe the actions the program provider will take to ensure the individual’s health and safety in the event of an interruption to the critical service.

If a backup plan is implemented, the program provider must document whether the plan was effective. If the program provider determines the plan was ineffective, the program provider must revise the plan.

Note: Because HCS program providers must ensure that trained and qualified staff are available at all times for the provision of residential support and supervised living, a backup plan is not needed for these services. Backup plans for host home/companion care service must be documented in the service agreement the host home/companion care provider has with the HCS program provider.