7100, Implementation Plan Overview

Revision 21-2; Effective November 8, 2021

The Implementation Plan (IP) is developed by the individual, the individual’s legally authorized representative (LAR) and the program provider. The IP addresses every Home and Community-based Services (HCS) service the individual receives through the program provider.

The program provider is not required to develop an IP for an HCS service provided though the Consumer Directed Services (CDS) Option. Developing an IP for HCS program services delivered through the CDS Option is a responsibility of the CDS employer.

The IP must clearly illustrate how the individual will be supported in achieving his or her outcomes identified in the Person Directed Plan (PDP) and how HCS program services will be delivered to achieve the identified outcomes. The IP describes and directs the delivery of services, including when, where and by whom services will be provided. A copy of the IP is provided to the service coordinator (SC) upon request.

An HCS provider may use Form 2125, Implementation Plan - HSC/TxHmL/CFC, or another document that includes the same elements in Form 2125. A nursing care plan, a behavior support plan or other plans completed by HCS service providers may serve as the IP if those plans include all required elements of the IP as defined in 40 Texas Administrative Code §9.153(51).