Revision 10-0; Effective June 1, 2010


AAA — area agencies on aging

AAIDD — American Association of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

ABL — adaptive behavior level

ADA — Americans with Disabilities Act

AFC — Adult Foster Care

APS — Adult Protective Services

ARD — Admissions, Review and Dismissal Meeting

CAP — corrective action plan

CARE — Client Assignment and REgistration System

CDS — Consumer Directed Services

CDSA — Consumer Directed Services Agency

CFR — Code of Federal Regulations

CHIP — Children’s Health Insurance Program

CLASS — Community Living Assistance and Support Services

CLO — Community Living Option

CMS — Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (formerly HCFA)

CPS — Child Protective Services

CPT — current procedural terminology

CRCG — Community Resource Coordination Group

CSIL — Community Services Interest List

DADS — Department of Aging and Disability Services

DAHS — Day Activity and Health Services

DARS — Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services

DBMD — Deaf Blind with Multiple Disabilities

DD — developmental disability

DFPS — Department of Family and Protective Services

DID — determination of intellectual disability

DME — durable medical equipment

DSHS — Department of State Health Services

DVM — Data Verification Manual

ECI — Early Childhood Intervention

EMR — Employee Misconduct Registry

EPSDT — Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment

ETA — electronic transmission agreement

FDP — family directed plan

FFS — fee-for-service

FY — fiscal year

GR — general revenue

HCPCS — Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System

HCS — Home and Community-based Services Waiver

HCSSA — Home and Community Support Services Agency

HHSC — Health and Human Services Commission

HIPAA — Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

ICAP — Inventory for Client and Agency Planning

ICF/ID — intermediate care facility for persons with intellectual disability

ID — intellectual disability

ICF/ID-RC — intermediate care facility for persons with intellectual disability or related conditions

IDT — interdisciplinary team

IP — Implementation Plan

IPC — Individual Plan of Care

IQ — intelligence quotient

LAR — legally authorized representative

LOC — level of care

LON — level of need

LTC — Long Term Care

LVN — Licensed Vocational Nurse

MAO — medical assistance only

MCAC — Medical Care Advisory Committee

MDU — Multiple Disabilities Unit (State Hospitals)

ME — Medicaid eligibility

MEPD — Medicaid Eligibility for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities (formerly MAO)

MERP — Medicaid Estate Recovery Program

MN — medical necessity

MR/RC — mental retardation/related condition

NAR — Nurse Aide Registry

NF — nursing facility

NPO — New Provider Orientation

OBRA — Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act

OIG — Office of Inspector General

PAO — Licensed Vocational Nurse

PASARR — Preadmission Screening and Resident Review

PCP — primary care physician

PCS — Personal Care Services

PDP — Person-Directed Plan

PE — Program Enrollment

PI — Promoting Independence

PMRA — Persons with Mental Retardation Act

POC — plan of correction

PP — Permanency Planning

QA — Quality Assurance

QDDP — Qualified Developmental Disability Professional (used only in SSLCs)

QI — Quality Improvement

QIDP — Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional

QMB — Qualified Medicare Beneficiary

RC — related condition

RN — Registered Nurse

RSDI — Retirement Survivors Disability Income

SSLC — state supported living center

SASO — Service Authorization System Online

SAVERR — System for Application, Verification, Eligibility Referral and Reporting

SC — service coordination/coordinator

SDO — service delivery option

SPT — service planning team

SLMB — Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary

SSA — Social Security Administration

SSDI — Social Security Disability Income

SSI — Supplemental Security Income

SW — social work

TAC — Texas Administrative Code

TANF — Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

TCM — targeted case management

TGC — Texas Government Code

GHRC — Texas Human Resources Code

THSC — Texas Health and Safety Code

TIERS — Texas Integrated Eligibility and Redesign System

TMHP — Texas Medicaid and Healthcare Partnership

TxHmL — Texas Home Living Waiver

VOFC — verification of freedom of choice

WCA — waiver contract area

WS/C — Waiver Survey and Certification