Parenting Awareness and Drug Risk Education

Parenting Awareness and Drug Risk Education (PADRE) services provides community-based intervention outreach services and evidenced-based education to people who are of childbearing age to decrease the impact of substance use.

Intervention services include:

  • Talking with the parents about their needs and their children’s needs;
  • Parental education classes;
  • Recommending community services that can assist parents and their children; and
  • Helping parents get needed services and supplies.

Benefits of PADRE services include:

  • Increased access to community resources; and
  • Decreased effects of substance use within the family.

Who is Eligible for PADRE Services?

  • Parents who are Texas residents with a child up to six years old.
  • Expectant parents who have one or more risk factors for a substance use disorder.

How Do I Get PADRE Services?

There are several ways to find PADRE services. Contact the substance use treatment program directly, your local Outreach, Screening, Assessment, Referral (OSAR) Service, or your Local Mental or Local Behavioral Health Authority.