Parenting Awareness & Drug Risk Education

Parenting Awareness and Drug Risk Education Services (PADRES) provides community-based intervention outreach services and evidenced-based education to people who are childbearing age to decrease the impact of substance use.

Intervention services include:

  • Talking with the parents about their needs and their children’s needs.
  • Parental education classes.
  • Recommending community services that can assist parents and their children .
  • Helping parents get needed services and supplies.

Benefits of PADRE services include:

  • Increased access to community resources.
  • Decreased effects of substance use within the family.

Who Is Eligible for PADRES ?

  • Parents who are Texas residents with a child up to six years old.
  • Expectant parents who have one or more risk factors for a substance use disorder as identified in the PADRES Screening.

How Do I Get PADRES?

Call your local outreach, screening, assessment and referral center, local mental health authority or local behavioral health authority.