Chapter A, General Information and MEPD Groups

Section A-6000 Persons in Institutions for Mental Diseases (IMDs)

Section A-7000 Type Programs (TP) and Type Assistance (TA)

Chapter B, Applications and Redeterminations

Section B-4000 Date of Application

Section B-5000 Previously Completed Application

Chapter C, Rights and Responsibilities

Section C-3000 When and What Information May Be Disclosed

Section C-7000 National Voter Registration Act of 1993

Section C-8000 Responsibility to Provide Information and Report Changes

Chapter D, Non-Financial

Section D-8000 Alien Status

Chapter E, General Income

Section E-3000 Earned and Unearned Income

Section E-8000 Support and Maintenance

Chapter F, Resources

Section F-4000 Liquid and Nonliquid Resources

Section F-5000 Potential Resource Exclusions

Chapter G, Eligibility Budgets

Chapter H, Co-Payment

Chapter I, Transfer of Assets

Section I-7000 Reserved for Future Use

Section I-8000 Reserved for Future Use

Section I-9000 Pre-Deficit Reduction Act (DRA) Rules

Chapter J, Spousal Impoverishment

Section J-8000 After Initial Eligibility Period

Section J-9000 Notice and Fair Hearing

Chapter K, Reserved for Future Use

Chapter L, Reserved for Future Use

Chapter M, Medicaid Buy-In Program

Section M-2000 Automation

Chapter N, Medicaid Buy-In for Children

Section N-2000 Automation

Section N-4000 Resources and Income

Section N-5000 Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance (ESI)

Chapter Q, Medicare Savings Program

Chapter R, Case Disposition