Revision 22-1; Effective, January 1, 2022


Verify all exemptions.



  • exemptions that are questionable;
  • that a member is physically or mentally unfit for employment (Code E) if the disability is not obvious;
  • that a parent or other household member is caring for a disabled person of any age living in the household (Code H); and
  • that a refugee is participating at least half-time in a training program administered by a refugee contractor or Match Grant Program (Code S).

Related Policy

SNAP Work Requirement Exemptions, A-1822.1
Verification Requirements, A-1640

A—1881 Verification Sources

Revision 16-4; Effective October 1, 2016


Acceptable forms of verification must state self-employment hours worked. Acceptable forms of verification include:

  • business records and receipts;
  • checks;
  • tax records;
  • a statement from a knowledgeable source; and
  • acceptable verification for self-employment income described in A-1370, Verification Requirements, except for the Form H1049 (PDF) and client statement.