J-4400, SPRA Calculation

Revision 14-2; Effective June 1, 2014

Use the following for the calculation of the SPRA at the time of the assessment request without an application or with the receipt of the MEPD application.

Calculate the SPRA as of the assessment date described in Section J-4300, Assessment Date. When determining the SPRA, determine countable resources using policy in Section J-2200, Spousal Treatment of Resources. To determine the amount of the SPRA, divide the countable resources by two and the result will be the amount to compare to the maximum and minimum SPRA amount set by federal law.

The SPRA is the greater of:

  • one-half of the couple's combined countable resources, not to exceed the maximum resource amount set by federal law; or
  • the minimum resource amount set by federal law.

Calculate the SPRA as described above whether the SPRA is calculated at the time of application for Medicaid or before an application for Medicaid is filed.

Resource exclusions determined in the SPRA are the same exclusions used in the eligibility determination at application.

Note: The equity value of the home does not impact spousal impoverishment policy and treatment of the home during the assessment process. If the person’s community spouse, child or disabled adult child is living in the home, substantial home equity policy does not apply. See Section F-3600, Substantial Home Equity.