H-1400, Order of Deductions from Countable Income

Revision 12-1; Effective March 1, 2012

HHSC deducts the following amounts, in the following order, from the person's total countable income:

  1. Personal needs allowance. See Section H-1500, Personal Needs Allowance (PNA).
  2. Guardianship fees. See Section H-1550, Guardianship Fees.
  3. Maintenance needs of spouse. See Section J-7200, Spousal Co-Payment.
  4. Maintenance needs of family (for a person with a family at home, an additional amount for the maintenance needs of the family). See Section H-1600, Dependent Allowance.
  5. Incurred Medical Expenses. See Section H-2000, Incurred Medical Expenses.

Optional deduction: Allowance for home maintenance. See Section H-1700, Deduction for Home Maintenance.