Appendix I, Services for People Who Are Deafblind

Revision 23-1 Effective Nov. 13, 2023 

Vendor Qualifications

A vendor must meet the following qualifications:

  • Hold a bachelor's degree in education or a related field.
  • Have a working knowledge of the following:
    • The medical, psychological, social, and independent living issues faced by people who are deafblind, are visually impaired or hard of hearing, or are otherwise disabled
    • Assessment techniques and tools
    • American Sign Language, augmentative communication, manual signs, and other communication systems
    • Knowledge of agencies, people, and facilities that serve those who are deafblind, with or without other disabilities, and serve the culture and adaptive needs of people who are deafblind
  • Can do the following:
    • Adapt teaching methods to the needs of people who are elderly and either deafblind or deafblind and multiply disabled
    • Help people adapt or modify common items in the home to make the items accessible
    • Assess, formulate, organize, and implement an individualized program of instruction with people 
    • Teach people to read and write all aspects of uncontracted braille
    • Communicate using American Sign Language, including using tactile sign language
    • Teach assistive technology, as needed, to enable a person who is deafblind to access independent living skills
    • Deliver, install, and setup adaptive aids or devices

Vendor Authorization

Services must not begin until the service provider has been notified of approval.

Deafblind Services Vendor Responsibilities

The deafblind services vendor:

  1. completes an assessment of needs;
  2. submits the right documentation for each type of service to the service provider for review and approval;
  3. submits proper recommendations to the service provider for purchasing products and services for each person; 
  4. trains people who are deafblind to use adaptive equipment, including visual alarms and vibrating alerting systems; and
  5. provides a written report of each contact to the service provider including details of the assessment or service provided and the outcome.

Initial Contact

The deafblind services vendor must make the initial contact with a person who is referred for deafblind services training within 15 working days of the referral.