Revision 23-1, Effective Nov. 13, 2023

Training and technical assistance is provided for service providers under the Independent Living Services (ILS) Program, per the Texas Human Resources Code, Section 117.080(e).

HHSC evaluates the independent living services provided to people and gives technical assistance and training, as needed, to help the service provider offer a full range of independent living services per the independent living services rules and the Independent Living Services Standards for Providers.

Documentation obtained from the contract application and monitoring activities provide input that can be used to develop or improve the technical assistance and training opportunities offered to individual service providers.

9.1 Technical Assistance

Revision 23-1, Effective Nov. 13, 2023

Contract managers and other HHSC staff members provide technical assistance, as needed, throughout the term of the contract. Technical assistance may include help to expand a service provider’s capacity to provide a full range of independent living services.

Technical assistance may be provided by phone, email, virtual meetings, or during on-site visits, and can include circumstances such as:

  • turnover in key agency or service provider staff members;
  • difficulty with following contract terms and conditions, policies and procedures, or reporting requirements;
  • clarification of health and human services agency policies;
  • clarification of monitoring and oversight requirements;
  • billing or payment issues;
  • service delivery, including conducting assessments, direct delivery of services, and development of ILPs and appropriate documentation; or
  • other identified needs.

Technical assistance may be provided more frequently for new service providers or when significant program changes are being implemented. Technical assistance may also be necessary for improving contract performance, overseeing compliance, supporting successful contract outcomes, and clarifying expectations.

Technical assistance that is provided is documented by HHSC and communicated in writing to the service provider, as appropriate.

9.2 Training

Revision 19-1, Effective March 1, 2019

Training for independent living service providers under this program may include information on:

  • the independent living philosophy;
  • methods for training and assessing the needs of individuals who are blind;
  • training techniques and service delivery methodologies for special populations; and
  • the administration, operation, evaluation, and performance of independent living services according to the rules for independent living services, the Independent Living Services Standards, and the contract requirements.

Training opportunities will be developed and coordinated with HHSC and with service providers.

New service providers will be required to participate in comprehensive orientation that covers contract and program requirements, to be held shortly before or after the contract start date. Other training may include required and optional training opportunities for program improvement.