Chapter 2, Credentialing and Enrollment

2.1 Overview

The CRS program only purchases services from providers that comply with the appropriate standards in this manual, applicable federal and state licensing standards, and certification. Each provider is required to undergo an enrollment approval process, and periodic monitoring ensures continued compliance with these standards. A provider who enrolls must demonstrate the ability to deliver all the core services in the service array that the provider has chosen. Services may be delivered to the participant directly or through a third party. Not all services are provided to all participants.

2.2 Changing a Provider’s Service Locations and Adding Service Locations

Once the provider’s contract is in place, the contract must identify the provider’s services that comply with these standards and, if applicable, the physical location of the facility.

If the location changes or if the provider wishes to offer additional services, the contract manager must first determine that the changes comply with the relevant standards. If the changes comply, a contract amendment must be developed and signed by both parties at least 60 days before the changes are implemented.

2.3 Enrollment

Procurement solicitations are published on the Electronic State Business Daily under the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts website. Vendors may search daily for open solicitations. A provider uses it to monitor the expiration date of their contract to determine when to renew.

If a provider has no renewal options, the provider may respond to an open solicitation for services. If a provider does not see a solicitation for a service, the provider may contact the designated contract manager or CRS program staff member.