4400, Corrective Action Plans

Revision 13-2; Effective September 6, 2013

Based on review of the quarterly reports or a monitoring visit, the case manager may request a corrective action plan from the employer. It is important to remember it is the CDS employer's responsibility, not the FMSA's, to ensure services are delivered, services are provided in accordance with the service plan, and program rules are being followed.

At the request of the case manager or the FMSA, the CDS employer must develop a corrective action plan using Form 1741, Corrective Action Plan. The person requesting the corrective action plan completes the top part of the form indicating the specific reason a corrective action plan is needed (for example, over expenditure or failure to submit required documentation to the FMSA in a timely manner). The CDS employer completes the corrective action strategies section of the form. The CDS employer must provide a written corrective action plans to the person requiring the plan within 10 calendar days after receiving the request. The CDS employer's plan must be reviewed for feasibility and signed by the SPT. It is the case manager's responsibility to review a CDS employer's corrective action plan to determine whether the resolution proposed in the plan represents a reasonable and viable solution to the identified problem. If the case manager determines the resolution proposed in the plan is not a reasonable and viable solution to the identified problem, the case manager may support the CDS employer as needed to develop a viable plan. The case manager may also suggest the CDS employer consider using support consultation to assist in the development of a corrective action plan.

Corrective action plan information needs to be specific to the identified issue and identify specific strategies and time frames for improvement. The goal of a corrective action plan is to focus on needed supports to ensure the employer succeeds in using the CDS option.