About Complaint & Incident Intake


What We Do

Complaint and Incident Intake is part of Texas Health and Human Services. Their primary responsibility is to accept complaints about the treatment of older people and people with disabilities.

Purpose Statement

The purpose of Complaint and Incident Intake is to provide efficient and effective services to all individuals and their family members by ensuring that their service options and complaints regarding the service delivery system are addressed in a timely manner. Individuals and family members shall be served by the most effective and efficient system that advocates for the protection of their rights.


CII has 3 units.

Complaint Intake Call Center

Complaint Intake Call Center employees take complaints about:

  • Nursing homes
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Day activity and health services providers
  • Intermediate care facilities (also called public and private group homes)
  • State supported living centers
  • Home health agencies
  • Hospice agencies
  • Personal assistance service providers

Consumer Rights Intellectual Disability

Consumer Rights and Intellectual Disability unit employees investigate and resolve complaints about the treatment of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Sometimes they refer complaints to the local IDD authority. They also help people with IDD understand their rights.

Professional Review Unit

Professional Review Unit conducts quality assurance reviews of CICC intakes to ensure accurate content, prioritization and allegations. PRU staff review intakes with allegations of abuse, neglect, and exploitation for alignment with state and federal regulations. PRU reviews incident intakes prioritized as “Professional Review” to determine if they warrant further investigation. PRU also serves as the liaison between the Regulatory Survey Office and CII.